Our Children


People say, we need maps to find treasures. But I proved them wrong.

Beacuse, without a map I found you!
And you will be treasured forever.
Dreams are for dreaming, I dream of you. Wishes are for wishing, I wish for you.
Life is for living, I live for you. Angels are for keeping, may I keep you.

Dolma T.

I feel honoured, that you like our culture and art. On the behalf of all the Tibetans I would like to thank you for your great support not only for me but for the whole Tibet. When I saw what happened in Tibet, I made a promise to myself. I will study harder than ever for my country. Tsering L.

… I am suprised, beacuse you are not Tibetan, but how you try to best help on Tibetan culture and our tradition, esspecialy help the children from our school. And one of them is me. How can I ever thank you? because i don’t have relatives, I will consider you for my parents. Whenever I am sad, I remember that I have you and sun in that moment come to me… Nawang C.

… Thank you for your advise to me and your help, by that I got 2nd position in the final exam in my class. Tenzin N.

… My dearest friends, I have done nothing for you, but still you help me and support me. Tsering P.

… I will pray to God that to have more people like you in this world. And than the world will be a Zone of Peace. When I have nothing, you gave me the chance to study. You are the only one who has opened the door for me. Lobsang J.

… I would like to say a very thank you for your nice support for me, that is a grace for me to study in this 21th century. Once again thank you from the deep of my small red heart. Tenzin R.

(Foto: Benka Pulko)