Angel Circle

The purpose of this website is to encourage and inspire our visitors to join the Angel Circle by purchasing our work in the common goal to realise our set vision. Because our works are created in states of higher energy fields while meditating, they radiate positive energy to their owners and to the entire surrounding space. The proceeds from the sold paintings will be given to Tibetan children for their life and education. Their gratitude and prayers return to all of us. Therefore we invite you to support us and join the Angel Circle.


The project is intended to lift the awareness of humanity, to increase personal, social and spiritual development and to encourage tolerance and non-violent problem solving of disputes. Our long-term vision is to eradicate illiteracy, to decrease the lack of education and for people to become actively involved in the struggle for the cultural existence of one of the most peaceful nations in the world. In order to realize this vision, we need the help and cooperation of persons sharing the same views, supporters and donators. You can help the Tibetan children in exile the most by enabling them an education,they can do the rest from there on.